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Join My FREE Affiliate Program and Earn 50% Commission On Every Sale Just by Sending People To My Website

From: Julia Taylor

Dear Friend,

If you want to earn extra money by sending people to my website, I'll do all the hard work of turning that visitor into a paying customer. Here are just a few benefits of joining my affiliate program:

check50% Commission. You make just as much as I do when one of your visitors makes a purchase from my site. Earn $8.72 per sale.

checkVery low return rate.  Customers who buy Mexico: The Trick is Living Here almost never request a return.  Once you make the sale, you get to keep it. 

check Ready to go in 2 minutes... I provide tips on how to get started so you can be up and going right away. 

check Free to join... no joining fees to get started. 

check Direct deposit or checks (you decide) delivered to your door like clockwork... no waiting over a month to receive your commission. 

check Latest affiliate software... we use Clickbank to run our affiliate program so you can be sure all sales are tracked. 

check 90 day affiliate tracking...get paid if a customer decides to buy another day, even if it's three months from now.

Now let me tell you about how to get started in 3 easy steps.

Step One

Sign up for a free Clickbank account

It's free, and it only takes a minute so please CLICK HERE

ClickBank will ask you to choose a "Nickname" that will be used in all your affiliate links. Once you have your nickname, you can promote any of the thousands of products sold through ClickBank, the largest online retailer of downloadable products. Your affiliate account with ClickBank is free. 

Once you have your nickname, go on to: 

Step Two 

Get Your Unique Affiliate Link:

Type in Your ClickBank Nickname Here:

Your affiliate hoplink url is shown below:

Here's your affiliate hoplink in html:

Or, just replace the xxxx below with your Clickbank nickname and start referring people through that link:


Need Graphics?

You may use the following graphics on your site to promote Mexico: The Trick is Living Here. To save to your computer, right-click on the image, and then choose "save image as..."

Mexico: The Trick is Living Here Mexico: The Trick is Living Here

Step Three 

Send Traffic

There are many ways to send traffic to my site. If you have a website you can place your affiliate link on it. Or if you have an email list, simply send them an email promotion. If you have none of the above then you can use Google Adwords to drive traffic for as little as 5 cents a visitor.

checkIf you don't have a webpage yet, you can set one up for free using a free webpage creation software such as Weebly (very simple) or Wordpress (more complex, but more versatile).

So how do you earn a commission?

You can promote my product using any or all of these methods: 

check Place your affiliate link on your website. 

check Get traffic to your website (so people will see your affiliate links!). 

check Write an article or review and submit it to www.goarticles.com or www.ezinearticles.com.

check Better yet, write a review of my ebook and place your review on your site; include your affiliate link in your review; and then use article directories to direct visitors to your site. Pre-selling will result in higher conversions from your visitors. 

check Place your affiliate link in a Newsletter. 

check Send out an endorsement to your email list. 

check Place ads on Google using Google Adwords

check Placing other sponsored ads on sites like Yahoo, Find What etc. 

check Place ads in offline classified papers and magazines. 

check Simply send an email to your friends telling them about it.(Caution - ClickBank has a no-tolerance policy for spam. Do not send unsolicited email to promote this product, or you will lose your affiliate account.)

Thanks for becoming an affiliate. My promise to you is to maintain a high quality web site and products. Just send me potential customers and together we can increase our profits.


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