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Mexico: The Trick is Living Here;

Mexico: The Trick Is Living Here

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3rd edition

Table of contents
1 Move to Mexico? A Wonderfully Crazy Idea (page 1)
The Key to It All: Interpersonal Relationships (page 4)
2 Transportation and Driving (page 6)
Taxis (page 6)
Taxi Prices (page 8)
Busses (page 9) Click here to read an excerpt
City Busses (page 9)
Inter-city Busses (page 14)
Going to the Bathroom (page 18)
You behind the Wheel (Driving) (page 20)
Julia's Rules for Driving in Mexico (page 23)
3 Health Care in Mexico (page 27)
Private vs. Public Health Care (page 27)
Private Doctors (page 27)
Public (page 29)
Watch Out for IMSS (page 30)
Seguro Popular (page 33)
Finding a Private Doctor You Can Communicate With in English (page 34)
Honesty and Professionalism among Doctors (page 37)
Private Hospitals (page 38)
The Cost of Private Doctors in Mexico (page 41)
Consider Keeping Your Coverage in the U.S. or Canada (page 42)
Health Insurance Coverage in Mexico (page 43)
Gastos Medicos Mayores (page 43)
Gastos Medicos Menores (page 44)
Pharmacies (page 44)
Antibiotics (page 46)
How to Get Sick (Luckily, I'm not really an expert in this) (page 50)
4 Eating in Mexico (page 53)
Drinking Water (page 53)
Grocery Shopping and the Art of the Market (page 55)
Getting Some Fiber (page 65)
5 The "Bennies:" Some Ways to Live it up in Mexico (page 68)
Benefit 1: Ice-Cream (page 68)
Benefit 2: Lemonade (page 69)
Benefit 3: Italian Food That Will Fit into Your Budget (page 70)
Benefit 4: Fresh Fruit (page 70)
Benefit 5: Tacos (page 77)
Benefit 6: masa (page 79)
Benefit 7: Sun (page 79)
Benefit 8: Walking Lifestyle (page 79)
Benefit 9: Your Position of Prestige (if you are white) (page 80)
Benefit 10: Travel within Mexico (page 81)
6 Working: Yes, It's A Developing Country (page 82)
Teaching English (page 82)
Uh-Oh, I Hate Teaching (page 84)
A Mexican Income (page 85)
Getting Documentation (page 87)
Paying Taxes (page 89)
7 How To Do Paperwork in Mexico (page 90)
The Basics (page 90)
Getting Your Immigration Documents (page 92)
Visitor [Visitante] (formerly FMM, FMT or Tourist Visa) (page 95)
Temporary Resident [Residente Temporal] (formerly Non-Immigrant, FM3 and Immigrant, FM2) Visas and Permanent Resident [Residente Permanente] (formerly Immigrant) (page 96)
Minimum Salary (page 100)
Changing from Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident (page 101)
Changing from FM2 and FM3 to Permanent Resident (page 101)
Bravely Begin Your Paperwork (page 102)
Apostilles: (page 104)
U.S. and U.K. (page 104)
Canada (page 105)
Special Information on Applying for a Visa Within Mexico: (page 106)
Permission to Bring Your Household Items: (page 108)
Tips for the Visa Process: (page 109)
Getting Your RFC and CURP (page 110)
Getting Your Mexican Driver's License (page 110)
8 Passport Renewal and Citizenship for Children (page 114)
Citizenship for Children Born in Mexico to Canadian Citizens (page 114)
Your New-Born Canadian's CCC and Passport in 9 Steps: (page 116)
Citizenship for Children Born in Mexico to U.S. Citizens (page 121)
Your New-Born U.S. Citizen's CRBA and Passport in 11 Steps: (page 125)
Getting Mexican Birth Certificates (page 128)
Your New-Born's Mexican Birth Certificate in 9 Steps: (page 130)
Getting Mexican Passports for Children Born in Mexico (page 132)
9 Giving up or Retaining Residency for Canadian Citizens (page 135)
6 Factors Unique to Canadians Living In Mexico: (page 137)
Information on Residency in Canada and Tax Responsibilities: (page 140)
Douglas Gray's Pointers on Taxation: (page 141)
Maintaining a Canadian PO Box (page 144)
10 Bringing Your Dog or Cat to Mexico (page 145)
11 Bringing or Buying Your Car… Insurance & License (page 149)
Licensing Your Car from the United States or Canada (page 149)
Stopping for a permit (page 153)
Preparing to Temporarily Import Your Car into Mexico via Internet (page 154)
Required documents to bring your car into the interior of Mexico: (page 155)
Notes about the permission to bring your car into the interior: (page 156)
Licensing Your Car Purchased in Mexico (page 159)
Tarjeta de Circulación (page 159)
Emissions Testing: (page 160)
Purchasing Your Car in Mexico (page 162)
Why You Must Insure Your Car-There Is No Truth (page 163)
Tips from an Insurance Agent: (page 169)
When Not to Use Your Insurance: (page 170)
Insuring Your Car from the United States (page 170)
12 Banking and Bill Paying (page 172)
A "Short" List to Get Straight Answers about Fees: (page 175)
The If-You-Don't-Ask-I-Won't-Tell System: (page 176)
Paying Bills (page 179)
13 Financial Matters for U.S. Citizens (page 180)
Receiving your Social Security Benefits in Mexico (page 180)
Maintaining a U.S. PO Box (page 183)
14 Cultural Information: Important Etiquette & What Not to Do (page 184)
Culture Shock (page 184)
Greetings and Leave Takings (page 185)
Getting Help at Stores (page 188)
Lies that Protect Someone's Ego (page 189)
Never Say No, Just Tell an Untruth (page 194)
"Yes-Saying" Techniques (page 196)
Gestures (page 196)
Talk Softly (page 197)
Being Alone and Culture Shock (page 198)
Hey Ladies, Tummies are Allowed (page 199)
Chinelos (page 201)
Neighborhood Parties (page 203)
Festivals and Celebrations (page 209)
Quantity Schmantity (page 215)
Sounds that Communicate (page 216)
15 Housing (page 219)
Housing and Climate (page 219)
Living with the Weather (page 221)
Finding a Place to Rent (page 224)
Typical Rentals (page 226)
Furnishing Your Place (page 230)
Renting a Room (page 234)
Cost of Living (page 234)
Low: (page 235)
Medium: (page 239)
High: (page 241)
16 Laundry: No, You Don't Get To Operate the Machine Yourself (page 243) Click here to read an excerpt
17 Communication (page 248)
Chapter Forward: (page 248)
Telephones: The TelMex Torture (page 249) Click here to read an excerpt
Telephones: Pay Phones (page 253)
Telephones: International Calling (page 253)
Telephones: Cell Phones (page 256)
E-mail: Staying in Touch (page 257)
E-mail: The @ Key (page 258)
Cable, Phone, Internet Packages (page 258)
Phone Calls via Internet (page 258)
Mail: Receiving it at Your House (page 259) Click here to read an excerpt
Mail: Sending International Mail (page 261)
18 Safety (page 263)
Protecting Your Home (page 264)
Physical precautions: (page 265)
Community precautions: (page 266)
19 Planning/Scouting Visit Checklist (page 268)
You Must see for Yourself on a Scouting Visit (page 268)
Scouting Checklist (page 269)
Housing (page 269)
Insurance (page 269)
Hospitals (page 270)
Food (page 270)
Water (page 271)
Expatriate Community (page 271)
20 Parting Advice (page 272)
Where's Waldo-Like Street Scenes (page 272)
Advice: Dr. Julia is in (page 273)
The Joy of Discovery (page 278)
21 The Back-story: How I Came to Mexico (page 279)
22 Acknowledgments (page 283)
23 Disclaimer (page 285)
24 About the Third Edition (page 287)
APPENDIX: A Day of the Dead Photo Gallery (page 289)

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